Submit your abstract



Deadline for abstract submission: September 1, 2018.
At least one of the authors of the abstract must be registered in the course. Deadline for registration: September 1, 2018.
Each registered author may submit a maximum of one abstract as a main autor, but could be co-author in several ones.
Notification of selected abstracts: September, 2018.


  1. One of the authors has to be registered in the course. If the presenting author is other than the author who is submitting, it has to be specified in the application form.
  2. Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  3. All authors are required to submit their abstract(s) online.
  4. Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words excluding title, list of the authors and their affiliations.
  5. It is not allowed to upload tables and pictures.
  6. The author has to choose the preference for the presentation between oral presentation and poster. The final presentation form will be decided by the Scientific Committee.
  7. Once the submission has been completed, the author will receive an automatic confirmation email with a reference abstract number. This number will be needed for any inquiries. Attention: if you do not receive an automatic message after submission, please, drop us an email to: airwaycourse@clavecongresos.com.
  8. Non compliance to these format rules or late submission in the abstract may result in rejection.
  9. All submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee, which will allocate them into oral presentations and posters.
  10. After the review period, authors will be informed about their acceptance by email at the end of July, 2018. On this information, it will be included the definitive presentation form, oral or poster.
  11. The list of the accepted abstracts (title and authors) will be published online.
  12. Submissions that do not conform to the established format afore mentioned, will not be accepted for further review by the Scientific Committee.


1. Oral Selected Presentations

From submitted abstracts, the Scientific Committee will invite authors of selected abstracts to make an oral presentation at the Scientific Presentation sessions.
Information about oral presentation guidelines and the schedules will be send to authors of the selected communications.
This presentations will be no longer than 5 minutes to talk and 2 minutes for discussion.

2. Poster

From submitted abstracts, tne Scientific Committee will accept posters, which will be displayed on boards in the enabled area of the venue.
Poster must be printed with the following dimensions: 1,20 m (height) x 0,90 m (wide).
Each board will be numbered with an abstract reference number.
Posters should be hung before the first session of the course. The schedule for mounting will be indicated to the authors few days before the course.
Posters will remain up during the whole course.
All poster presenters are expected to remain near their posters during the breaks to answer questions that other attendees may have.
Posters should be dismantled at the end of the course.
Any remaining poster will be discarded by the technical staff.


  1. Advances in diagnosis and treatment of the thoracic wall malformations
  2. Future of the treatment of thoracic wall malformations
  3. Stabilization of Nuss’s Bar
  4. Sternal elevation in treatment of thoracic wall malformations
  5. Complications in reconstructive surgery of the thoracic wall
  6. Advances in diagnosis and treatment of the stenosis and airway malformations
  7. Dilation / Surgery in the treatment of subglotic stenosis
  8. Anesthesia in the airway
  9. Indications and complications of the tracheotomy
  10. Complications in the treatment of stenosis and airway malformations